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Wine glass with royal monogram

Wine glasses from Nøstetangen and Hurdal often have royal monograms, made as a mirror monogram and with a crown. The current Danish-Norwegian kings were Christian VI (1730-1746), Frederik V (1746-1766) and Christian VII and Christian VII (1766-1808).

Most Norwegians were loyal to the king and were happy to bring out the King's toast. The king's reign is a reliable dating of the glass. 


Christian 6 was both diligent and conscientious. It was during his reign that the Norwegian Company was started with the aim of utilizing the natural resources in Norway. He barely managed to toast in a trophy from Nøstetangen before he died in 1746. There are two trophies with Christian's monogram in the royal collections in Copenhagen.

Frederik V was the one who got to reap the rewards of Det norske Kompanis   efforts to make Denmark-Norway self-sufficient in glass products, ie drinking glass, window glass and eventually bottles. For Frederik5's anointing in 1747, Heinrich Gottlieb Köhler engraved two magnificent Nøstetangen trophies, one for the king and one for the queen. There was a stream of trophies, wine glasses and decanters, with and without Frederik V's monogram for the royal household in Copenhagen.


When Christian VII became king in 1766, the Norwegian glass industry was booming. The king became insane early on, but his officials ruled the country and took an active part in Norwegian industry.

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