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  1. Of the juice of the grape, the wine has power

  2. The cup of all good friends, we drink with vivats skraal

  3. All good friends' bowl / drink we with full toy (?) Measure  

  4. All good Friends scale,  

  5. All samsoe (?) Toners scale

  6. Decent spoiled by a glass of wine / to bring friendship or ruin

  7. Ask your Neighbor that he will / drink you and others til 

  8. Ask your neighbor that he will, drink you and others to. 

  9. Bergens Lÿkke, som Norges Smÿkke,  

  10. Best Viin must be here ind 

  11. Brave Normend who has Mod / er of Birkebeeners Rod,  

  12. It's a double fool who shyes away from wine and beautiful girls 

  13. The Peace We Need / Blessing Issue 

  14. It's friendship scale 

  15. Drik Søefartens Flor / that it must flourish with us in Nor 

  16. Drink for joy, drink for moderation / drink with let reason rule

  17. Drink out that tear, for it is healthy and good

  18. The juice of the grape is healthy and good / it gives strong strength and courage

  19. Death itself its salary further / Lekselig skiel its dwelling is

  20. Love and drink are ripe / where you turn on the Globe

  21. A destruction (?)

  22. Agree honest faith and kierlig 

  23. Agree among us be / for our common benefit and honor 

  24. Agree among us be

  25. Are you my Sincere Friend / so just pour in and drink again

  26. A good glass of wine is my joy

  27. A good glass of wine

  28. I wish they all go well as others under themselves 

  29. Good gifts beautiful dead thank you my friend for what I need 

  30. Good Friends in my team / this is wished to you every day,

  31. God bless land and water / and one each udi his stand 

  32. Trade Florere, Shipping Bravere (1 glass, 1 carafe)

  33. The flor of the trade and beyond, we shall not forget it

  34. Health, strong, lasting Loop, always hit always beautiful

  35. Healed, strong, joy, honor / and all that one can desire

  36. What Host has tier night for them especially (?)

  37. Each with his neighbor does as I with my / drink worry in this glass of wine

  38. Every True Couple in Love, we wish joy happiness peace


  40. I live alone

  41. Get everyone in line, be cheerful and happy

  42. Come all in a row be cheerful and happy 

  43. The king lives / The land flourishes. 

  44. The king well / will all the land well / Always flourish right and squint

  45. The king's bowl we do not forget / first and foremost we want to drink it

  46. Crown Prince in Honor

  47. Lagum is the best

  48. Long live / live (suffer?) Well / giøre ver monthly and skiel 

  49. Long live well,

  50. Happy who soon forgets and says no more resentment

  51. Lüstig om gior glaset tom 

  52. My juice is healthy and good / it gives strength and courage,  

  53. When God wants to preserve us / we are in addition to danger

  54. O viin you noble juice / gives matte Nerves Power

  55. Corporate prosperous

  56. Company's right Cheerfulness / has in Unity its Place,

  57. Ships Forests trade Plows (?) / Operated with great luck,

  58. Ski at will. Drink after Taste Ver cheerful and happy at Maren and Iver Tÿrholm.

  59. Scale for everything for the friend / who has wine and gives it 

  60. Health prosperity delicious seed / crown (throne?) Ver who loves death

  61. Cute girls, beautiful dolls like us cause a lot of sugar

  62. Maritime Flor and Wellstand 

  63. So is our God So we love / No VI,  

  64. So small we begin / No II 

  65. Take that glass and drink my Friend, / Throw your Sorrow by the wine,  

  66. Go to the drop

  67. Thanks for the last

  68. Without drink, one can not, the stomach properly dispose of its Order

  69. Well born is probably a consolation / but better well brought up / well married is life read / well dead is the whole story- rewritten verse by Horses Seven

  70. Welcome to my Frydenborg, what kind of drinker forgets grief. 

  71. Be happy today

  72. Vertens Skal med VIVAT skraal

  73. We love Loyalty 

  74. The first commandment of wisdom was seed / The commandment of heaven is live and enjoy

  75. VIVAT it always lives / and always strives for death

  76. Vivat Rex Danie et Norvegie

  77. VIVAT Run, and out to Bund,  

  78. Long live the beloved WD (?) Schumann Lattachier Amie De cette Maison

  79. True Normend Thinks Well / fl aldr ald Kiv giør Ret og Skiel,  

  80. Honesty and love / is the greatest glory 

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