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Cheers to all good friends!

The bowl verses

What makes the Holter glasses so special is that, in addition to pictures of Norwegian industry, they also have bowl verses with content that intervenes directly in the current political situation. 

Many are quite outspoken in terms of expressing dissatisfaction with Norway's position in the dual realm. In a private context as a bowl verse, you could take a little in and not be so careful with the truth.
It was undoubtedly important for the creation of the verses that Struensee on 14 September 1770 introduced freedom of the press in Denmark-Norway. The freedom of the press lasted only until October 20, 1773.



In several of the verses one can trace a pessimistic attitude. In the agricultural verse it is stated that bogs and scrub have taken over where there used to be fertile soils. Trade and shipping go with Krebsen, that is, go backwards.
There were bad times in Norway in the early 1770s, but pessimism is another form of crisis maximization to make it clear that it was Denmark that was to blame for the misery. 

A harsh attitude towards Denmark is repeated in several of the verses, perhaps most clearly in the verse about salmon fishing:

Here Laxen Strebe must face the stride Fos
Maybe it should be a picture of us
What does it have for all its strength and effort
Only that its obesity can a duck readily satisfy

Like the Norwegians, the salmon struggles and struggles in countercurrent, but the result of the struggle is the other, that is, the Danes, who get fat. The same is true of the pot verse. It is Denmark that benefits from the hard work of Norwegians.

Here we make and even Potash
And we strive for everything
But the money is the same wrong
They run Well to the bag of others.

Drinking verse engraved on Nøstetangen glass source Randi Gaustad

Honesty and kindness 

Is the greatest glory

My juice is healthy and good

It gives Power and Courage

Brave Nordmend who has Mod 

Is by Birkebeeners Rod

It's a double Fool

Which differs from wine, music and beautiful girls

Drink for joy, drink with moderation

Drink, but let reason prevail

Take that glass and drink my Friend, throw your Sorrow by the wine

Love and drink are ripe

Where you turn on the globe

Well born is a consolation,

but better well brought up

Well married is the lust of life

Well dead is the whole point

Cheers for everything for that Friend

Who has wine and gives it

I wish they all did well

Like others below like himself

All Good Friends scale 

We drink with vivats skraal

Ask your Neighbor that he will

Drink you and others to

The juice of the grape is healthy and good

It gives strength, power and courage

It is the host's desire and wish is

Everyone would rejoice here

This is a scale of friendship

Good friends in my team

This is wanted by you every day

The king's dish we do not forget

First of all we it will drink 

Mutual joy is our goal

This is my girl's bowl

Host Let's Drink First 

Who must quench our thirst

Drink for joy, drink with moderation

Drink, but let reason prevail

Cheers for everything for that friend

Who has wine and gives it

A good Glass of vin 

Is my joy

Let's be well satisfied

 i vor lille Vennekreds

This is our King's Bowl

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