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The salmon fishing arches and boats

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Fishing bows

The salmon fishing alone was worth about as much as they were

largest farms in the village.

Many of the farms along the Drammenselva have also had their own fishing arches, and in Dynge by Hokksund there were a number of such arches that were used for storing nets and tools.

Few of these arches are preserved today.

Nedre Hoen fiskebu  is preserved, partly with furniture, as it stood when it was in use until the beginning of the 1970s.

Today it is quite unique in its kind and represents a type of cultural monument of which there are hardly more left,  and this has a high conservation value.


Large boat and nersetters at Storhengslet (ea-2003-001-236).jpg
«The 5th continued The journey from Drammen to Kongsberg. On this tour we made at Hogsund a small detour to Hellefos, the so well-known salmon fishery, which also forms an interesting prospect, which the professor sketched from 2nd places, while I and as well as time and ability allowed me did a draft. "











The person who wrote this in his diary from "Journey through a Part of Bergen and Trondhjem" on July 5, 1826, was the 35-year-old officer Mathias Wilhelm Eckhoff. The party, which he refers to as "The Professor", was none other than the painter JCDahl. Barely 40 years old, Dahl was about to become one of Norway's most famous painters, with education from Copenhagen and Dresden and study time in Italy, where he had learned to paint classical ruins and landscapes. But it was on this journey in the summer of 1826 that JCDahl began to paint Norwegian nature in earnest and thus began the national romanticism in Norwegian painting. One of the first stops on the journey was Hellefossen, and the result of the sketch he made there was the well-known painting "Hellefossen" which hangs in the National Gallery. He did not complete it until several years later, in 1838.

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