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Ship call lists 18th century

From 1757 onwards, Caspar Hermann von Storn entered into a number of contracts with 

various commissioners who undertook commission trading in most Norwegian and Danish cities.

The commissioners  had the goods delivered freely to the individual locations. Storage space or boathouse for goods in storage, the company provided with its magazines in Kristiania, Bragernes and Copenhagen.

Transport to the Norwegian cities - as far as Stavanger - was usually provided by helmsmen (Jon Schiøtt, Christen Christiansen, Hans Nielsen and others) by smaller schooner, while freight to Bergen, Trondheim, Elsinore and Copenhagen required both skipper and large schooner (skipper Jens Dyrhave and the skippers Ulrich Fischer, Bøye Hansen,  

Christian Pedersen and Christian Molth, with the galeas "Juliane Marie", "Amelia" etc.

The shipload that went down in 1767 off Læsø in Denmark was the galley "Juliane Marie" with skipper Jens Dyrhave.

Additional names are handwritten for some cities in Norway and Denmark.

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The earliest illustration of Drammen can be found in Erich Pontoppidan's "Attempts at Norway's Natural History" from 1752/53 (From Odd W. Thorson: Drammen II, 1962)  












To the left we have Tangen and Strømsø. We find Bragernes on the right side of the river. We see that what dominates the cityscape are the boathouses that lie close together along the river. Judging by the picture, there must have been over a hundred of them. Behind the boathouses we also clearly see the main street where it was easy to get there by horse and cart to pick up goods. Across the street we found offices and shops. Behind these houses were stables, brewery houses, wagon sheds and housing for the servants. Back there again are the most common residential houses.

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Drammen Harbor 18th century.jpg

Drammen harbor 18th century

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