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The whole wording is transcribed from the author, who was a schoolteacher in Hougsund and at that time applied to a very learned man of fine condition.


Notification from the Parnasso Parish 

Parnassus was a well-known mountain in ancient Greece and the favorite seat of the Muses. Thus, when our old Thollef Schoolmaster senders in the poem say that he first wants to seek out Parnassus' tops, he probably thinks he wants to try his hand at poetry.

Ja endog saamange 
Sin Lagterved lange – 
Finished leading to Glasverket hen. 
Profit it provides,  
When Saw Timber becomes 
Drive up to Sagene and Board out again. 

«Moments for a Description of Spokes. From Old Days and Until Now. By a farmer ». Drammen 1887.

Thollef Skolemester must be the Tollef Clausen I find at the extra tax 1765 , as father in 1767 , betrothal to soldier Mads Syversen Homlebech in April 1770 and as father again in June 1770. He was married to Anne Lagesdatter and had the children Kari, Sara and Claus.  

The son Claus also worked at the school and lived in 1801 in Hokksund with his wife Anne Christensdatter, the children Christen, Tollef, Anne Catrine and his unmarried sister Kari (born about 1761). Later they have another child - Karen Kirstine.  

His son Claus is mentioned in "Eker -træk av en storbygds saga" p. 433, p. 436 and 437. In 1807 he earned 80 riksdaler and 56 shillings as a teacher in Hokksund. This had already in 1812 increased to 300 riksdaler. He left as a teacher in Hokksund in 1814 and with a pension of 75 riksdaler became the first pensioner of Eiker's teaching staff. 

A short and simple description of Eker Læn, about which so little has been announced in the history of ancient times and therefore has nothing else to say about it, than what the old people, man after man, have been able to remember to tell, item about the village's best farms, noblest beach places , Værk og Fabriker, der udi Vers er forfattet af mig, Thollef Skolemester, Aar 1756. 

When Time will unde 
Me some Stunde 
Occasionally, for other businesses fri 
I The time when driver 
With the Pen and printer 
Slaar hen udi Veiret al Melankoli. 

Saameget mig vanker 
In Mind and Thoughts. 
When I wonder in God's Providence. 
Hans Husholdningslære 
Large, wonderful mon be 
O I knew about it with Kraft and with Fynd. 

As Villien is writing,  
My Song was to become 
Gracious to read, to hear and see. 
I will then originate 
Here something about the same,  
By the grace of God therewith let me bete. 

What we you begin,  
My Mind Now Hurry. 
Let me know! I think I remember;  
However, I kept having to stop 
Og Parnassi Toppe 
Must be searched if I can find them yet. 

However, such a thing to find,  
It was udi Blinde 
The old Gentiles went so stupid a Vei 
Ei therefore imørke 
The Greek Desert 
Will be sought; we are missing in Norway vel ei. 

On Mountains, if Straight,  
Parnassus faar vige,  
Which is demanded gone, yes almost forgotten. 
Would rather invent 
three Nordic Peaks,  
If Point Parnassus should now be mentioned. 

If anyone wants to ask,  
Da svares i Norge 
A vicarage exists, as Eker is called. 
One soon dared to say,  
It hardly has Straight;  
However, a little has been written and talked about it in the past. 

What of Age of Days,  
What might attract,  
You have something other than the Legend again. 
Write something about it,  
Fornøiels' vil give,  
Therefore a Parnassus move didhen. 

In Eker we find,  
Three high mountain peaks 
Which are: Barbrohugget, Snaukoln, Solbergval'n 
The trends with Rette 
We can certainly put 
For Eker Parnasse we write then will. 

I now think hear,  
It comes for Øre,  
The goddesses sing; I sharpen my Pen,  
And long to write,  
What can become of me,  
Shown and filed, I travel didhen. 

O Sight that is delicious,  
How beautiful and convenient! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
O Eker, you are wonderfully staffered are you 
By Enge og Dale,  
Of all that boasts;  
Of Buildings, Houses, As Most Beautiful Bride. 

Of Elve og Bække,  
Of Fiskevand kjække. 
My Spirit will be revived when I see 
And therefore accepts 
I carefully consider 
What is now about Eker can be justified more. 

With Mouth and with Tumge 
Jeg Lalla maa sjunge 
If I could not understand the smallest Word 
To the Honor of the Creator 
However, such should be;  
Saa Ekko i Dale og Bjerge skal gaa. 

On Eker! and bramme;  
You dare A shame 
Your Hat over others to have put on. 
Three Mountains are Bremme,  
Your Gosen and home 
Enclosed there, You well have it fat. 

Dig aarlig formere,  
Yes grow and flourish 
Between Kjøbstæderne store de To:  
Kongsberg, det rige 
And Drammen as well,  
Where You Make Money 'by driving and ro. 

One then looks and finds,  
At Eker ei minder 
Has been in Prejudice mighty and great 
Da Kjæmpernes Bolig,  
Undoubtedly and probably 
Have been out there, of which there are Spor. 

Paa Mure saa bolde,  
Paa høie Fjeldknolde 
Armor and Swords with Shields of Splendor. 
And the legend goes,  
They were so rich,  
Their Horses with Silver Shoes to be Plated. 

However, it may now be,  
Then one can learn, however,  
At derudi fordum Sølvgruberne var,  
As can now be remembered,  
There are possible and exist 
Among oak Mountains a Treasure large and rare. 

We then look for the first 
In Eker the largest 
Three beautiful, foundation-walled Churches with Spir 
Of Hugne Stene,  
Especially the one,  
As yet about Eker's ancient Zir. 

Can Testimony bear,  
However, all must be 
Of the Popes built, if the Weapon they bear 
With Keys second,  
One can not know,  
Its age, it is said that the water went near. 

In Ancient Times,  
Da Strømme saa stride 
To the Church near and The water cut out. 
Ja Sag for Syn sees,  
Hougs Kirke betees 
God's Salvation, That People Humble themselves before God. 

Among the Rivers mange 
In Eker, as times,  
Storelven som Brudgom vel bære maa Navn. 
Thi den kan Dig Skikke 
That which the Earth does not bear,  
Yes annually bring You an invaluable Benefit. 

It Gives You Food,  
And the Fish the sweet 
Salmon, Trout, Perch, Hersling, Sea bream, Whitefish,  
Aal, Gedder og Flyndre,  
You without looting 
Can fish in each one Strøm, Evje and Vik. 

Ved Hængerne Flage,  
And the Ford to draw 
Med Mæle og Drivgarn, samt Rusen og Krog. 
So it's big Gammen;  
Thi Arbeid og Fammen 
Does a lot that the Fisherman The fish cheated. 

Now Saw Timber is released,  
Three hinges that seam:  
Hefta, Hyttestøa og Kværk staa jær bra! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
But Hefta it springs,  
And Hyttestøa forces 
But also go before you know the Word of. 

And Kværk must receive,  
Saa det monne brage 
In Master and Stoneware; herud Folk og Stik 
Med langskaftet Hage,  
With Pig and with Stage 
It is collected at Hougsund, so it has good custom. 

I Flaader og Hester,  
and then afterwards 
Udi Lilleelven go after Hest. 
The page must be kept,  
Towards the Stream run up 
Til Vestfossens Sagbrug, om Dagen dernæst. 

Thi Sagerne mange 
I Eker mon gang,  
Da Kvantum maa aarligen svares af dem 
Twelve Fast Cases 
Vestfossen recorder,  
Og Skotselven tretten, ved Hoenselven fem. 

Five The Water Turns,  
As Mjøndalen owns,  
At Vandelborg five and at Solbergelv to. 
Two Hellefos writes 
and Fiskum to driver,  
By Hasselværk One who by the Water sno. 

Vesfossen sender 
I fine Bordrænder 
The Tables that are cut. The same formaar 
Hoenselven to do,  
Its Table to perform. 
Pas da paa Arbeidet, Fortjenest Du faar. 

When Table To Be Performed,  
To Skotselv will be asked 
That Hougsund and Dynges Karle are good;  
For Fosevjen correct 
Cleaning is important 
For such one or others allowed. 

Yes also to follow,  
but Race pursue,  
You through Flaagrunden, Hougsund past 
And when to release 
Til Stenberg ei glippes 
It pleases the Strandmanden, which Del gets in it. 

Thi var ei det ene 
At the Door to Serve,  
Saamange paa Stranden ei sat sig ned,  
As always must run 
To Branæs and buy 
Everything they supply to the House must be provided. 

Men Hougsund! remember,  
You used to be less 
But now as a Market Town You stop fort 
To Hundreds Of Inhabitants,  
Du Hus og Grund laaner 
On a comfortable, cheerful, enjoyable Ort. 

Here fell Mogens Svale 
Med Svensken i Dvale,  
When he here in Norway wanted to swim around. 
Every third Summer 
Gaar Pipes and Drums 
For six Companies mustered in Ring. 

We here a promise 
Vesfossen to put,  
It is probably towards Hougsund near twice as big 
Of Buildings Many,  
There against you dare prange 
Yes also Residents who live in Flor. 

On Foss- and Sems-Side,  
Yes look at in tide 
Your Sawmill and Grinder Perfect Drive Can 
And those who behænde 
With the Iron can turn 
For Hamren som aarlig ved Vestfossens Vand,  

Goes always. Og Mange 
Med Baadene lange 
For Kongsberg from Drammen, Føringen can ro. 
At Hasselværk kjønne 
Staar Blast Furnace beautiful,  
As the Iron can melt. People many there bo. 

Den Flod Hipokreni. 
Ei Price can earn 
Towards Fiskumvand store and Ekeren rar. 
No these berries Price,  
Especially Fiskumisen 
Its largest Place man in the Winter there has. 

The most magnificent Gedder 
At these Waters Widths 
Om Somren kan faaes paa 2 a 3 Pund. 
Large Trout also;  
No one can say 
At the Depth of the Squirrel still some Bund. 

They both can ram,  
At Kværne, Sag, Hamer 
At Vestfossen annually of them has its Vand 
O Viseste Orden,  
Like Water and Earth 
Have prepared so that everything can be ready. 

Grynmøllene rare 
We also experience 
By Vestfossen, Krogstad and Hærebro. 
By Solberg once,  
By the one we erlanger 
Beautiful Dutch pearl groats, large and small. 

Screening mills are many,  
Som aarlig mon ganga 
And Sammalkværne diverse especially. 
Should Krokstadelv honor,  
and Solbergelv be,  
As an annual must paint what Branæs desires. 

Vestfossen forhaler 
Eiheller, men maler 
Everything you did send. Hoenselven paastand 
For Hougsund is ready,  
When you want to pray 
To aim and paint when they only have Water. 

Om Vinteren paa Føre,  
Each Farm by running 
Sin Last ud ud Skoven til Strandbakken ned. 
While others beautifully vide 
To have in tide 
Sin Birkeved gjæve ved Elven bered. 

Ja endog saamange 
Sin Lagterved lange – 
Finished leading to Glasverket hen. 
Profit it provides,  
When Saw Timber becomes 
Drive up to Sagene and Board out again. 

Now we will consider,  
I Eker at agte 
Ni Snes fulde Gaarde. O indige Semb. 
You Kings have honored;  
Thi You have been 
A Noble Seat and Short Royal Home. 

Fossesholm vi beskuer,  
En Gaard, som vel pige,  
How noble Families have lived irad. 
The Beauty Among All 
I Eker mon prale 
And Skjelbred with these; they are followed maa ad. 

Hoensgaardene to ere,  
As glorious flourish,  
Ja vel mod sin Lige paa Nakken dare staa. 
Hougs Prestegaard becomes,  
As Betleman Writes 
And do Parade on the Ground too. 

Dramdal will probably be,  
Here worth naming 
Similar to Lebanon wonderful and beautiful. 
Berg should not be forgotten 
With Stenshorne set 
As Efratha fertile that gives great Salary. 

Ei Raan vil vige 
And Solberg likewise;  
They compete for Fortrin and give birth to their Husband. 
Aas, Stensæth and Myre 
Well worth controlling 
With fertile Agre and good England. 

Loe, Voldstad og Ager,  
They both increase;  
They give in Houses and Laders full. 
Skjoldhorne og Temte 
Is not with that spoiled;  
For their Products are better than Gold. 

Værp, Vestby og Borge 
They dare not mourn 
They are born among Lilies; Rakstad stands on Fod. 
And Wolfland delicious 
with Scots, how convenient;  
I aarligen fedmes som af Nilens Flod 

Shot, Gevelt ei minor 
With Grave is 
In growing yearly. Kolbræk, Hals og Ek. 
I see what you mean. 
Yes The award deserves 
As good as anyone else; I bear Jærs Reg. 

Ryg, Narverud, Daler,  
Of Fertility boasts 
With Busland and Braathen as well as Fiskum and Rud. 
See Ulleren frydes 
og Hobbelstad prydes 
With Witnesses and Mosnæs, as adorable Brides. 

Ei Henstad og Saasen 
As well as Spæren and Fosen 
Must be the smallest in Goodness and Flor 
See Vegu comforting himself,  
Og Solløs forlyster 
With the crop discretion. Brown lovely gror. 

Vindsvold, Kaarvold og Aasen 
har Koen paa Baasen 
As give can the Milk with the Cream paa. 
Krogstad, Ektnæs, Knive 
A minor will be 
Med Lysaker, Skalpe, samt Røren ogsaa. 

Varlof, Horgen, Sanden 
Make Happy Owner. 
The same goes for Lilleby, Skarra, Skistad 
Korshorgen med Vigen,  
Has no disappointment;  
But all commendable in the highest degree. 

Ei Paule, Lunteigen 
Should be set by the Road;  
Far smaller Smørgrav and Røgeberg god. 
Like Thorberg and Vaalen,  
They pour in Skaalen 
The same is true of Holthe and Hauge. 

But Lerberg should be 
Med Hegstad i Ære;  
They are born and thrive in Beauty beautifully. 
Yes Klunderud høie 
Can the Mind Enjoy 
Med Lunde og Lobben i Ære og Tugt. 

Ei Harstad vil vige. 
Ristvedt deslige 
They are held in Honor, and Bjørhus we see,  
As Greenland shows,  
Among those that one prices,  
As well as Stubberud, Høgsæt med Sønju og fler. 

Op Eker at prise! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Your Creator to display. 
Comfortable your Pauluner de er. 
Som Israels Stammer 
Is divided, You bramer 
As outermost Hauge, one looks and sees. 

Therefore you should give 
God Glory and be 
Him Indig. Arrogance You do not; lad Pragt 
From God You do not lead. 
Let the Word of God touch you. 
Love God and Your Next of Extreme Power. 

All Sin, Loads and Sounds,  
Lay down and dilute 
And then pray in Jesus' blessed Name. 
He will forgive You,  
And that he will be 
Your Father and Your Adopted Child  



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