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Report from Jens Petter Nielsen -
"A little history about the glassworks"


Here it says, among other things, in the letter of 20 July 1753 from director von Storm to Count Moltke regarding the road from Christiania to Hokksund: The road here is the most pleasant of all Norway.

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Private archive no. 1: Glassworks, collection; Norske Kompani; Kopibok ff. 6


Page 1
To Mr: Agent Ancher dend: 13 July (1753)

On my arrival here at Nostetangen's Chnstal Fabrique, I did not find it in the condition so fast as I had expected to be able to ignite;

Cabin = The roof was in such a condition that the gandese had to be taken up and rearranged, for which there was no hen. which with several Bagateier who had to be procured gave me so much time away that I did not  førend lastly 7 hujus could ignite, tomorrow I let in and on Monday we begin to work, If _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The crucibles would only keep shell I would probably keep the Cabin in constant operation.

But since the Coblenzer land has been laid on a strait which has not been drop-free, I am not entirely without fear.

And since the whole stock is of the same nature, the whole work had to stop over such a trifle until the new prescribed Arrival, in case against hope the crucibles fail.


Page 2
Til lians Excellence Hr Vice Stadtholder Jacob Benzon Den 20'lJuliil (1753):


Until now, I have not wanted to bring your Excellence with any letter. i det haab med denne Post tilliige at kunde berberte at have bragt denne Christal Fabrique udi sjn Fuldkomne drift, hvoril jeg sandelig ikke er er sparet Fliid eller umage, bragte det og saaviidt (: endskjøndt til de høgnødvendige Reparationer som for lang tiid bør hav ' e been done, no Materials forfantes :) that I the 7th hujus loed ignite and the l6de began to work.

 I could at least imagine that one under the previous Direction new erected and not yet used Glass Oven should strike me so hastily wrong, as it was, after further consideration, quite erected,

But the Steene used for that purpose lasted with so little fluid. The work that one stone of the vault detached itself after the other, so that for fear of Jilds Vaade, after the dikes had been prepared, I had to let the subsequent 18th hujus go out.

Which in terms of time wastage and other consequent costs is a damage to the Company over 3 â 400 riksdaler, This will and cause that I will stay here one 14 days longer than I had expected, so I did not see until first in 7 breeze :: can come to Trunhiem where I should be before Snow falls there.

Jnden 3 d  Uger haaber jeg at have opførdt og Antændt een saadan Ovn der istæden for 2 d _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_dage forhaabccend skal b1 31- 136bad5cf58d_Aar, and when the cabin has come into operation again, I submissively hope your excellence touches it with its presence, as yet the road here is the most pleasant in all of Norway.


Page 2-3
To His Excellency Count Moltke on 20 d  Julii (1753):
Here the content is much the same as in the previous letter.


However, he adds:

Truly I find the deal in all things to have been so devastating that I do not marvel 

over that when I the 16 d   (can be 10d); min merknad)  Junii tiltrædde Directionen Compagniets reene forliis befantes.

  (Here he goes on to mention debt, etc., but not sure if it concerns Nøstetangen or the whole company.

We can possibly come back to that)


Page 3
(To Mr. Inspector Kay Branth: on 28 d   Ju lii (1753):
Mention is made here, among other things: "De til Aas = Værket fornødigende 2  Oxehoveder Coblenzer Le er kand her Ved Nnåste hvor der Nøns therefore  Crediteres.


Page 16-18
Til Bogholderen ved Noste Tangen S r  Schieraad d. 6t e  Octobe

p. a.: "Regarding the Composition  I will  haabe the recommended Potaske is the word Refined, and the test thus done if not the glass therewith _ b5 -136bad5cf58d_og Blankere which can not fail, as the black Stick the hitherto fabricated Glass has had no other reason other than that PotAsken at Minde-ej noksom to this time has been cacinered, however, they have to Trunhiem to submit me Report how much The refining has contributed to the improvement of the glass and how much Pot ash at the refining became Tara;

Jmidlerliid kand de siige Meerbach og Christian Hainz, at de med Compositionen ingen umage male spare spare, da de
therefore at my Return if I am satisfied kand Expect a good Recompence.

Page 53-54

Til And: Schierraad d: 4 d  Julii 1754

It was very displeasing to me to find my last present at Nøste Tangen, that according to my given order while the stove was in the building, I had not thought of gathering a considerable supply of refined potash, over which the glass was so plain that nothing without jam jars og Andre Gemene Vare deraf kunde forfærdiges, hvorved Compagniet lider store Skade, ti av Frisk Gemæng bør Altiid Goode Vare kunde forfærdiges, da de gemene derimod ej bør gyres uden av Skiærver.


I will then hope J to set it up, immediately after ntin Bortrejse have begun to let finer of the Dantzige Potaske, ti then both it us the Dutch. if it does not happen, only give one Yellow or Green Stich  maae it is not hereafter Used without Refined.


Og kand udi den ved Hytten anlagde potaske- Hytte gierne Ugentl. refined 600 tt. which is more than used, and since in gardens reported that formedelst  den is not Odor at the refining can be made Underslips, can be made 2 d _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5, -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Een to close the opening to the cabin, the other for the opening to \ 'other, whereby  All Underslæb is prevented, the new construction site Potakke hut, but must be repaired, but since I do not at all dare to believe the potash pan repaired by the blacksmith, I must immediately order another from Bærum's Iron Works of the same size as the one repaired.


Since J and by Order have neglected Separately to set aside what for Hoffed was ordered, must as soon as possible and the first day The glass is extraordinaire good, the udi my last recommended Sorter for Hoffed was ordered, must as soon _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_muelig forfærdiges, udi een Separat liden Caisse indpakkes, og S r Priebst til Viidere forsendning tilstilles. - Should the Glass not fall quite well in Next Week, which I, however, hope can not Manquere, Meerbach shall add to it a Separate Commune according to Master Muller's Christal Composition , which without it arranged under 30t May, shall be completed 2 d _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Pocaler av den facon hoffed haver opsendt, som maae være tykke i Kielken, der siden skal Slibes, og videre 4 re  stk, av den facon Gustaw Holm haver de 2 giordt , hvor 1/2 pot, I on One Pot, and One on 2 d  pots, which in the same Box are wrapped, Hereby must and be observed that on 2 d  of each Sort of the sending sample glasses, one note must be pasted with its

Name it has on the list submitted. Of the giorde Caraffiner, shells 24 pcs r with first Apartment hidsendes, to his

Ex: The Deputy Governor is addressed , and his Account is therefore Debited. At Meerbak I ordered a wagon to burn on, like the one at Nøste Tangen, which when it is finished it will be sent to Aas. -
Hr: Oberste Lieut l Lautzow ' haver Lovet mig at opsende een Engelsk fason av Lanterner, hvorav skal skal befærdiges 200 stk r til een probe: Skulle det av Oberste Lieutenanten forglæmes, maae J derom giøre Erindring. -

Hereafter no workers must undertake to begin their work before the glass is shiny , which the smelter must take care of in due time to announce, and even though this article in the cabin regulations has been inserted, it must be announced more than once for closer compliance in the cabin, i _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Anleedning av den i min Nærverelse last time forefalde  Dispute between Siegfred and Franz Wenzel . -

At Eder udi sidste Samling et aarligt Tillreg av 50 Rdr: paa min Forilling er bevilget haver jeg ikke villet omlade Eder Skrifltlig av communicere, hvorav de 30 rd  beregnes fra Nye aar, de andre 20 r5 _cc781 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_derimod ej førend Junii Maaned. - I see from this how the high stakeholders are concerned with rewarding their servants, whereas they also hope that such a thing will encourage you for the greater diligence and wine-giving in their service. -
I have at Christen Støen received the ordered Glass Balls. 3 d  ere so plain I do not kandbruge them and otherwise the Glass is so smooth that I do not want to hope it is av  refined potash . -
The required list of how much of each variety is wrapped in each packing box of Master Muller's work must be sent to me by the next post. -
about what happens at the Cabin, J also has every 14 days to submit a Report, which is addressed to Trundhiem, where I round l2 t hujus intend to go  Rejse. I Remain.


Page 81
til Kaye Brandt d: l8 Feb: 1755:
To Schierraad at NøsteTangen I have ordered to send to you eendel Potaske, which has not been dissolved by the refining, which 1eg hopes has already been present, and since the same contains one large part Salt,  skall udi een av de smaae deigler gieres een Prøve Gemeng, Nemlig 6 skiepper aske, 3 skiepper Sand, 2 d  skiepper av denne Potaske og I skieppe Kalk , og berette mig hvad effect det giør ved Smeltning, skal The community then either be fattened or shaped. the Master has more than once to make one test, by taking more or less sand when these tests are done. and the outcome is good, and the giasset becomes shiny, more than usual, as I suppose, it can be inserted into all the crucibles as much as this potash can suffice. I will hope that the stamps ordered from NøsteTangen have already arrived, and that all has already begun to complete the bouteillier ordered for the court after the sample has been sent, all of which must be stamped. -

(This really applies to Aas, but thought it might be of interest since the pot bag came from Nøstetangen).

Then I continue with some excerpts from: Private archive no. 1: Glassworks, collection; Norske Kompani; Copybook No. 6:


Page 5:

«Til Sr Casten Tank den = 3d Augusty» (1753):

Here, among other things, a. time can come into operation, as the new Oven will not be finished before. … ».


Page 5:

«To Monsieur Peter Holm on 3d August» (1753):

«Their letter under 14d July has not been submitted to me until the following 26d ejusdem, and then serves as a Response, that when I I (stand like this; my remark) here at Nøstetangen's Christall Fabrique have found an Accountant, with whom I am at this time pleased and ikkun enjoys 100rd in fixed Gage, I can not in the proposition made to me enter, as my intention is rather to possibly reduce than to multiply the Company's Expenses, and although I may well in time employ an Accountant at the Hereafter Construction Fabriques, I do not, however, intend to grant him the large salary claimed by him. -… ».


Page 5-6:

«To His Digging Excellence and Oberhoff = Marechall Molke the 3d Augusty» (1753):

Here, among other things, a .: «In 8 hours I intend to be able to ignite the new Furnace here at Christall Fabriquen and see it in its full operation,…».


Page 35:

«To His Excellency H Vice Mayor Benzon d. 5h April (1754):

"Hereby the Nøste Tangen's factory has been kept in pretty good order in my absence, so that I thereby hope the interested parties will find a good account; At the Green Cabin, on the other hand, something is probably lost,… »(is this perhaps Ås?).


Page 38:

«Til Priebst d: 13d April» (1754):

Here, among other things, a .: «Men at de udi Nøste Tangens i Contra anade beholdninger anslaaer mig 1 Lentner Brunsteen, som dog kuns var slet for 10rd er een Alt for sterk Profit, da den bæste StahlKnotener Brunsteen som jeg haver Anskaffet ej kost meere end 2rdr 3 ort . -… ».


Page 42-43:

«Til Sr Priebst d: 30t May 1754»:

Here, among other things, a.: »The cases ordered from Holland I hope will soon arrive, no doubt it will be pressed with the ordered English or Coblenzer land.

Since the factory at Aas needs one such spit as the one at Nøste Tangen, they wanted and please, at the Company's expense, to order one from Amsterdam. -

I would hope that the kiln at Nøste Tangen has already been built up, and that it will be lit for the holy days of Pintse. … ».

"I have and today sent Schierraad orders from Nøste Tangen's Christal Producter to wrap in a separate box one part sample glasses, and what else has been ordered by Græv Moltke to be sent down,"


Page 44:

«To the Accountant at Nøste Tangen Andreas Schierraad on the 30th (month not mentioned but, it is« May ») 1754»:

"When I want God to come to Nøste Tangen, which will happen to Første, I will examine more closely what has happened to the missing Borax, however, since I am assured that they will now have better supervision with one such expensive ingredient, it will not fall for this time. them to Load. Since I have rented a convenient boathouse from Doctor Gram at Bragnæs, and presumably without a free standing boathouse, they would like to rent a barge at first, in order to get it transported in the most manageable way, as at this time the effects were fabricated at Nøste Tangen. . . -

However, before the  Transported shells in a box, which must be completed immediately, are selected and packed afterwards, namely by Græv Moltkes No 1 and No 2 150 pcs of each variety, Perl Kelchen of the largest bells 50 Köngel. Mouthpieces, Knopt Kelchen, Naked Jungfern and of what other Sorter Viin glasses under my direction are made 4 pcs of each Variety for one Sample. Of Beer glasses with pawn and foot on one pot and ½ pot 4 pcs of each Variety. Of the small Caraffins 4 pcs Pickled glasses of miscellaneous Size from ½ pot to 4 pots 8 pcs Milk Father 4 pcs and finally 3 Pocals of miscellaneous Size. - These Cases are as before reported Jndpakked in one Box and Addressed Sr Priebst, who is further informed to which it is distinguished, I recommend you for All things that in with the greatest diligence seeks out of these Sorts the best there are of veeneste Stich, best work and purity in the glass for stone and blisters, so and as soon as they are wrapped over it submit me specification. I want to hope for nothing since your last visit under 11h hujus has run in, All things at Nøste Tangen are well, and that the oven for these incidental Pintse holy days is ignited, so that on my arrival as spoon with the first, I find it in full work. … ».


Page 60:

«Til Græv Moltke d: 6 July» (1754):

Here, among other things, a., that «Veeden ved Nøste = Tangen saa Kost = bare, at jeg for Lettere Priis vil drive een Glas Hytte med Steen Kull,…».


Page 61-62:

«To Accountant Andreas Schierraad at Nøste Tangen d: 11 h July 1754»:

Here, among other things, a . , of the recommended refining Dantziger Potaske, Saasnart med førbemt tilsendte Fustagie er giordt Prøve, haver J at inberette mig hvorleedes Glaset befantes, Ligesom jeg og hver 14 ten dagen vill bede om Skriftlig Raport hvad ved Hytten Passerer, whiche breve mig til Trundhiem Addresseres. I must also be concerned that some smaller glasses will be made hereafter than those at this time, since I probably feel that all people do not want such large glasses; ten jug when the glass is not extraordinaire good, blows 6 to 7000 d Naked maidens who hold only a little more than half as much as they have hitherto blown; … ».

Then it was a part about " Gustav Holm's and Sigfred Ledel's bad behavior , and since this is not the first time they in my Absence have been rebellious, and by their Lidderlige behavior the Company caused great damage", etc. (Are such personnel matters interesting? Including an order in German in connection with these).

«The silica mining has to be started immediately, and when it has been carefully and thoroughly spooned, it must be driven down as much as to November: the end of the month may be needed. -… ».


Page 73:

«Til Seigr Priebst d 13 X bris » (1754):

«On the forthcoming Monday which is the 16th hujus I intend to schedule a Tender Auction on Veed here in Hougsund , thj I will by agreement wait for them here, and since I intend to give the contracting parties who themselves somewhat considerably let the half of the payment be paid in advance, it would probably be reluctant for them to include 3 a 400 Rdlr … ».


Page 74:

«To Andreas Schierraad d: 10 d January: 1755»:

«Since my departure from Nøste Tangen, I have not received any notification of the operation of the factory since the time when, however, I demanded the same from me to be notified weekly; nor is the bill from 30t Novbr: 1754 to 27 X bris  ejusd: been sent to me, as I, however, also arranged the same hereafter at the end of each month I was to be sent directly, for I want to do it again once more for closer compliance Skriftl. have remembered. - Christopher Soelbergs Søn som veed at omgaaes med Kiesel Minering, talede jeg med at hand d. 3 eller 4 Januar: skulde være her, og har med med det nededre Reedskab til Minering, da jeg mangem uppe ved minde, Men da hand til this time has not occurred, they would immediately order him to enter, and the necessary gear to include, as he if required 2 a 3 Rdr: Money for the cost of the trip in advance can be delivered - the arranged Kiesel Mining at Nøstetangen by Christopher Soelberg message om, and can there be used a Karl, who was with me the time I was at Brutted, which weed beskeed about how I will hereafter have Schierffet processed; Lack of gear, can be finished immediately, and must be broken at least in winter, and driven to the stamp, 40 barrels of silica - Whether the potash prescribed by Priebst has arrived or not, then and how much refined potash is left at the factory of the previous waiting I notice,… ».


Page 74:

«To Sorensk: Daries. - d. 10d January: 1755 »:

«Da jeg tiirsdagen anstundende 21 d hujus intends to let hold den omtal: Licitation Auction paa Veed Leverance til Nøstetangen fra Modum og Sigdall, take ieg mig den friehed her indslutted at tilsendte een Placat denne Auction angaaende, which my high-minded Mr. Sorensk. according to the latest agreement, please let it be published, the auction site is according to their binding request, framed on their farm ».


 Side 75:

«To Your High Counting Excellence and Ober Hoff Marchall Moltke the 11th Ianuarii 1755»:

Here, among other things, a .: «At Nøste Tangen's Christal Fabrique I have finally now brought it so far that I have invented the best and also at least Kaastbare Composition which in Bonité and Clarity should not yield anything to the English, But by the green hut I can in respect there can only be spruce and pine ash not to get the bouteillers to the clarity as the foreign ones, but otherwise in all other things Liige av Bonité… ».


Page 76:

«To Iohan Peter Brandt d: 17 d Ianuar: 1755»:

Here, among other things, a .: «P: S: J this moment I get a letter from Priebst, that by ship from Holland Nøstetangen with Potaske has been supplied, ten kand det med deandordnede 3000 d tt sending did hen beroe,…».

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